CCG 是什么意思

CCG的中文意思是: CCG公司


  1. The karyotype was detected by conventional cytogenetic R-banding ( CCR ) and G-banding ( CCG ).


  2. If you have any additional questions, please contact us via CCG or the company directly .


  3. At last, it analyzes the good performance and speedup of CCG ( Component based computational Grid ) system


  4. The 2010 CCG Expo is held by the ministry of Culture and the local government of Shanghai.

    2010 CCG世博会由文化部和上海市政府主办。

  5. Conclusion: Pre embedding cationic colloidal gold ( CCG ) labelling technique can reveal the anionic


  6. Crocker Coulson is the president of CCG investor Relations, a leading adviser to Chinese mainland companies

    Crocker Coulson是CGG投资者关系的总裁,他是中国内地公司在美国和香港上市的首席顾问。

  7. flux vector splitting scheme and Jameson's central difference scheme are used respectively in PDG and CCG


  8. Three of the 10 cDNA were identified as the clock-controlled genes ( CCG ), that is, the catalase, myelin


  9. "CCG Animation Game Awards"in the ministry of Culture under the leadership of the animation content for


  10. Results: CCG labelling particles could be seen on the surface of dural vascular endothelial cells, but


  11. The convergence velocity and optimization effect of co-evolution genetic algorithm ( CCG ) are better


  12. view of formal Concept analysis of the feasibility in the topic search, the Concept Context Graph ( CCG


  13. Compared with CCG RT-PCR, results and conclusions acquired with I-FISH would be more scientific, reasonable


  14. cells from 20 cases of CML in treatment were assayed with I-FISH, conventional cytogenetic G-banding ( CCG


  15. mutation was found in one family with substitution of 4142C by T which resulted in the change of the CCG