Vesta 是什么意思

Vesta的中文意思是: 灶神星


  1. dawn will spend one year orbiting Vesta, then travel to the dwarf planet ceres .


  2. The additive components in VESTA Turbine Oils also afford exceptional rust and corrosion protection.


  3. The joint venture will operate further expansions of Vesta Terminals'existing sites and other projects


  4. After a year in orbit around Vesta, Dawn will travel on to the dwarf planet Ceres.


  5. VESTA Turbine Oils offer outstanding thermal stability, extended service life and strong water separation


  6. ( Roman mythology ) one of the virgin priestesses consecrated to the Roman goddess Vesta and to maintaining


  7. Vesta and Ceres were chosen as the study subjects for this mission, according to NASA documents, because


  8. The goal of the Dawn mission is to collect enough information about Vesta and Ceres to understand conditions


  9. Studying Vesta may give clues to the formative years of our early solar System, as the unusual world


  10. Vesta is like Earth and the other rocky planets of the inner solar system, while Ceres appears to be